MIAMI ISSUE 321 Feb 2012

Artist Management Miami photo & styling, hair & make up agent

Miami-based Artist Management represents highly experienced and creative local and international photographers, hair and make-up artists, stylists and costume designers.

Native German Tanja Stephan-Rojas opened her agency in 2002 in South Beach and than relocated to the new hot-spot in Miami's Design District. The agency is committed to finding the perfect match for every client and team.

A new addition to the AM roster is hair and make-up artist Davide Calcinai who is based between Miami and New York.

Contact the Miami office on 1-305-672.3556 or email Tanja for more information.

Hair and make-up artists: Alberto Luengo (specialising in under water make-up), Anthony Isambert, Andreas Schoenagel, Davide Calcinai (specialising in celebrities), Dirk Neuhoefer, Edwin Kaufman, Flora Kay, Helen Anderson, Ian Djurkin, Kerstin Jaeger, Maranda (specialising in celebrities), Paola Ferrari (specialising in kids), Pia Sundquist (specialising in kids), Saisha Beecham (specialising in celebrities, FX, body paint), and Sarah Leddick (specialising in kids).

Stylists: Conny Wind, Cristina Cellini, Danny Santiago (specialising in costume design, celebrities, movies), David Fittin (specialising in fashion, fashion stills, product, props, interiors), Imke Achenbach, Kirk Bardole, Renate Lindlar, Sebastian Pataric, Sylvia Linke (specialising in fashion, fashion stills, product, props, interiors), Teddy Gunter (specialising in celebrities), and Valerie Biener.

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