blickfang Cairo post production

Blickfang is a highly specialised digital content creation, post-production and interactive media service provider for industry photographers and agencies. Gearbox-Studios is the biggest and most reknowned photo studio in the Middle East.

Gearbox and Blickfang have the same roots (photography) and some of the same clients, only separated by being in their own locations. In addition, both companies share the same mindset about the development of the media business. "In this fast-changing business, we see our chances for the future in collaboration and building a bridge between the two markets. Therefore we've been working in partnership since 2013 with merged manpower, skills and opportunities."

Photo productions largely depend on the creative support of post-production service providers. Tightly organised production schedules, high-cost pressure and a corresponding demand for high-quality standards require optimal production workflows.

"The most important point is the interface between photographer, post-producers and agency. It is exactly here that our team sets the course, together with the customer, regarding creative realization, quality and reproducibility of the artwork."

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