MOSCOW ISSUE 406 May 2013

Production Paradise Moscow MEDIA ASSOCIATIONS

Production Paradise is beginning a collaboration with Phase One and Profoto, with both companies taking part in a world tour that will represent Production Paradise in 20 locations worldwide, starting in Apri and continuing throughout May and June.

The main organiser is Phase One, with the company showcasing its new camera systems. Production Paradise and Profoto will be partners along the duration of the trip. Each event will include a workshop on product or fashion photography with selected photographers speaking about their work, followed by a live photo shoot and hands-on time with the equipment.

The tour was opened with a workshop in Zurich. In April, Production Paradise will also be visiting Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, Hamburg, Toronto, New York, Miami, Chicago and London. In May, Washington, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Sydney are planned, while June will see Stockholm, Seoul, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

Featured in this Showcase are some of the images from previous events in Barcelona and Milan. In Barcelona, we worked with fashion photographer Federico Martins and in Milan with Giulio Rustichelli, the official photographer for Benetton.

You are very welcome to visit our workshops.

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