MUMBAI ISSUE 311 Nov 2011

Shashi Nair Photography Mumbai photographers

The creative interpretations of Mumbai-based professional photographer Shashi Nair are simply mind-boggling, as he challenges convention by playing with the viewer’s perception of form and beauty. His simple mantra is to create something that makes people look twice at his imagery. In short, his photographs have been documented with the help of ideas, lighting and a technique that enable him to push boundaries and to create images that are emotional, edgy, original, and above all a unique capture of a moment in time. 

With over two decades of professional experience as a commercial, advertising and fashion photographer, his passion and obsession for this form of expression not only keeps him excited but also interested in his work. Shashi has a unique versatility, shooting fashion, automobiles and products with a distinct flair.

He has a spacious studio in Mumbai with an able team to assist and handle production, retouching of final images and turnkey projects. He has been shooting both in India and abroad and is available for editorial, celebrity shoots and advertising projects.

Visit his official website or Vimity profile for more information.

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