MUMBAI ISSUE 451 Feb 2014

Studio Eeksaurus Mumbai film production companies

"At Eeksaurus, we are the proud team of nautanki-zens frolicking in the la-la land of TV tamashaa-giri. We employ every conceivable arsenal of mass communication from long range paan-spitting to kaan shattering bathroom orchestra, making our mark in this media frenzied world.

Within the chaar deewar we excel in juggling sharp remarks and projects of T-Rex-ey proportions. Emboldened by our college tapri-certified design methodology of time bending, infinite-cum-unaccounted for dhobhi lists, conference hall chuppa-chuppi and caffeine gluttony, we are the notorious masters of kaun-dunnit.

So step right in and be dazzled by our slew of front seat glazed eye hypnotizers, accounts-quoting totta babas, astrologers predicting ‘paise ka cyclone’ from our eclectically designed movie projects. All this spearheaded by a design tantric who dexterously builds concept-tight mahals from bricks of live action, 2D, 3D and stop motion.

On a comparatively (and exceptionally) sober note we are the undertakers of execution, experimenters of different story telling mediums as we strive obsessively for unique and aesthetically pleasing visual solutions."

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