MUMBAI ISSUE 495 Oct 2014

Ashish Shah New Delhi photographers

Beyond the hustle of every day struggles, there is a world of dreams. This is where Ashish Shah's mind and heart dwells. A self taught photographer, he is obsessed with dark stories of love and addiction. Through his seeking lens, he likes to capture moods and emotions that describe individual stories - a new tale with each frame, a saga running through his oeuvre.

Well known for his diverse range of captivating portraits, Ashish deftly plays with light and shadow to subtly reflect changes in mood. Among his formative influences are the grunge bands of mid-80s America and Surrealism. "I dream more than make pictures," he says.

Considering the way he approaches a concept, Ashish is a perfectionist whose artist's soul combines with a technician's mastery over his craft, setting him apart and placing him in a league of his own.

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