MUNICH ISSUE 541 Jul 2015

Loft 506 Munich Rental Studio and Event Location

Munich-based LOFT 506 daylight rental studio has 180 m² of space (18x8m) and is brightly lit from three sides. The fully equipped studio is ideal for fashion and people shoots and can be darkened completely for still life productions.

Close to Munich city centre and with two big elevators and its own parking area, the studio offers the best infrastructure for all creative productions.

Lighting equipment from Bron, Briese and Profoto is available to rent in-house, while film equipment company 4rent (Arri, CRLS, HMI, Kino Flo) is located on the same floor. All of this makes LOFT 506 the perfect location for special events, temporary exhibitions and workshops.

Features include 3,9m of studio height, in-house camera and equipment rental partners, lighting and grip packages, 30 different background colours, greenscreen background (on request), kitchen with coffee machine, microwave and dishwasher, lounge area with wooden floor and sofa, AirPlay stereo sound system, mobile make-up station, free Wi-Fi VDSL and a parking area.

Visit the website for more information.

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