NEW YORK ISSUE 105 Feb 2008

MISSION PHOTO PRODUCTION New York photo production

Founded by Mary Pratt in 2000, Mission Photo Production Inc. offers full photo production services that are tailored to meet every clients' specific needs.

During car shoots for clients such as Mercedes, Land Rover and Volkswagen, 'specific needs' can range from devising complicated schedules, where cars get swapped between the East and West coasts without having to factor in any costly down-days, to shutting down heavily trafficked bridges or hoisting cars onto rooftops and saltwater-splashed cliffs.

Pratt grew up in Switzerland and is fluent in several languages. She is experienced in handling multi-country shoots, having done so for IBM, XL Capital, UBS and, most recently, Microsoft. The latest project encompassed 20 destinations in 15 countries, covered over the course of four trips.

"Production", says Pratt, "with all its intricate details, is like assembling puzzle pieces to form one big beautiful picture. Over and over, I find it to be a fun challenge."

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