NEW YORK ISSUE 132 Oct 2008

Andrea Blanch New York photographers

"When the poor become disenfranchised they have no reserves to build upon. When the same thing happens to the privileged it's a mere inconvenience, for they know they can start anew."

Deeply touched by all the physical disasters throughout the world, photographer Andrea Blanch wanted to do a shoot that portrayed these calamities. "The homeless feeling hopeless, marginalised and fearful; one can't help but wonder what these victims cherish most, what they hold most dear, the one thing they would save."

"While shooting Victoria, (the image of the girl in the coral dress), I wanted her to emote, so began telling her she had just lost her home. No reaction. Then I told her she had no more money or possessions, that she couldn't go home to her parents and that even they couldn't help her; again no reaction. Finally, all of a sudden feeling panic and desperation, she began to cry... and 'click'."

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