NEW YORK ISSUE 132 Oct 2008

MISSION PHOTO PRODUCTION New York photo production

Mission Photo Production produces photo shoots worldwide, handling location scouting, casting, budgeting, travel arrangements and pretty much everything else that arises along the way.

Mary Pratt, the founder of Mission, has over 10 years of experience with ad campaigns, car shoots, aerial photography and fashion shoots, ranging from local one day shoots to multi-month productions around the world. She is fluent in several languages.

Recent productions include Schenker Transport with Kai-Uwe Grundlach, Delmod with Jens Schmidt, and the continuation of the large Microsoft "On my Way" campaign, photographed by Richard Renaldi.

Featured in this Showcase are a random selection of 'making of' and crew shots from the hugely successful Microsoft shoot, snapped along the way by crew and agency members as well as the photographer himself.

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