NEW YORK ISSUE 173 Jul 2009

Gloss Postproduction New York photography

Latest work from Gloss Postproduction:

  • Together with art producer Justine Shockett and photographer Thomas Rusch, c/o ArtWing NY, Gloss Postproduction created the final retouch and look for the new Ray-Ban 'Colorize' worldwide campaign.
  • Gloss retouched all 10 ads photographed by Frank Uyttenhove, c/o Tim Mitchell, for the 'My playroom/Intel playroom' campaign shot in LA. Retouching started on location at at the Gloss satellite studio in LA and was finalised in NYC.

Gloss Postproduction recently finished a Dell campaign with photographer Joshua Dalsimer, c/o SweetGenius, for Mother NYC, as well as a cover shot for the new VW Touareg brochure with Bill Cash for agency Crispin, Porter + Bogusky.

The Gloss team is currently working on a Gillette campaign for BBDO New York, shot by Sasha Waldman, c/o LLReps. This follows on from a previous three-ad campaign for Gillette and BBDO shot by Brad Harris, c/o VH Artists. The images will soon feature on Production Paradise and the company's website.

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