NEW YORK ISSUE 201 Feb 2010

Gil Lavi New York photographers

A prolific artist with a vision informed by his diverse cultural and personal experiences, Gil Lavi's projects range from the deeply political to the sexual conceptual with wide-ranging contemporary references. His current projects include 'Soldiers in White', 'LunaTech', 'Alternative Valentines', 'Hazy Shade of Bride', 'Revival', and 'City of War'.

Gil was born into the world of photography: his father, Moshe Lavi, was mentor for several world-class photographers. By the time he was 16, Gil had become the youngest photographer for Ma'ariv, Israel's top newspaper.

Gil's client list includes fine arts and advertising interests in New York, London, The Czech Republic and Israel. In 2009 he was rated by Forbes as one of the 300 most influential Israelis under the age of 40 and is highly esteemed throughout the Israeli media.

Towards the end of 2009 Gil was hired by the Israeli government to create the photographic concept and produce the imagery for Israel's brand book, a project led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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