NEW YORK ISSUE 201 Feb 2010

Nute Nicholson New York photographers

Nute Nicholson wanted to use this Showcase to pay his respects to the late Alexander McQueen:

"He will always stand out as a true visionary. I was attracted to his garments from the very beginning, and at the time there seemed to be a silent connection between his designs and my photographs. I started having stylists pull McQueen's garments at every given chance and it was an inspiration having these wonderful designs on set. Everyone showed complete respect for what he was doing and we were all trying our best to showcase his work. Throughout many seasons I had the opportunity to photograph his work for art-based fashion magazines such as Surface, Tank, I-D, Style, Mind, Scene, and many more. Thank you ever so much for your complete devotion, you are neither gone nor forgotten."

More editorial images of Alexander McQueen's work shot by Nute Nicholson can be found at the photographer's website.

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