NEW YORK ISSUE 359 Aug 2012

Benton Collins Photography New York photographers

Deft detail and precision lighting are the hallmarks of a Benton Collins shoot.  His innovative lighting and application of creativity helps highlight the essence of beauty in many products. Along with talent, Benton brings a signature selection of tricks and trade secrets to his photos. Applied to any liquid product, or used to highlight a "dry" shoot, the result is always impressive.

Benton is now expanding into the world of the moving image. His latest video offering is the rap music video "Liv'n On The D'low". "Stop The Violence, Guns Must Silence" is the main theme of this music video featuring rap artist Dee Flex. Dee Flex's anti gun and drug life message is pointed to hit where it needs to be heard the most.

Benton currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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