NEW YORK ISSUE 446 Dec 2013

Angela De Bona Agency Inc. New York photography

Born in Paris, Angela de Bona started her professional career in cinema studios at a very young age. The world of cinema drove her to photography and fashion. She became a model and photo shoots brought her all over the world, and she eventually became a models' rep.

In 1985, she made a career change and became a hairdressers' and make up artists' agent, and then two years later became a photographers' rep. The first two photographers Angela represented were Patrick Demarchelier, whom she still represents today, and Alex Chatelain.

Her idea was simple - to create an agency capable of supporting image-makers within the realms of both art and business. The agency has grown to represent photographers for assignment, special projects, and image licensing.

Angela de Bona has a diverse group of famous artists today who are professional, established and preeminent talents in their fields. Work ranges from editorial and advertising assignments, longer-term independent projects in photography, and work by artists with respected positions in the art world.

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