NEW YORK ISSUE 602 Jun 2016

Roger Neve Photo + Video New York photographers

Photographer Roger Neve is a true Gemini, loving fashion photography but able to capture the essence of any subject - even if they are not in designer clothes! His personality pushes the limits and his iconic photographs do the same.

He treats every job as an adventure, whether he is shooting a model in a hot air balloon over a herd of elephants or racing across the beach chasing his subject to get that perfect shot. He once broke his ankle leaning off a bridge to capture the light in just the right way.

Roger possesses a certain joie de vivre that translates directly to his work. Even on a few hours' sleep he manages to make it all happen with a smile on his face. A devout problem solver, he has talked his way out of many situations to get that perfect shot on the go when it was seemingly impossible. His technical consistency is unparalleled and clients would have a hard time finding a nicer guy to work with.

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