NEW YORK ISSUE 616 Oct 2016


Gloss PostProduction is a creative image retouching and CGI studio with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Hamburg and Berlin. The company's extensive portfolio includes prominent campaigns in the automotive industry as well as CGI, product, lifestyle, beauty and fashion.

This year, Gloss PostProduction got to work on some exciting campaigns from all over the world. From the Asian market, through Europe, and all over the US, the studio has further developed its distinctive approach and vision for cooperative work with photographers and creatives to achieve greatly unique and outstanding campaigns.

Its body of work has expanded greatly, showing its ability to take on diverse projects and yet keep an underlying signature look and feel that connects them all.

"We are proud of the personal connections we made with clients this year and have been rated with top performance with our service and ability to tailor our process to our clients' needs."

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