NEW YORK ISSUE 670 Oct 2017

Zac Stone New York photographers

Zac Stone grew up in Melbourne, Australia and wasn’t a very good sportsman, painter or musician from a young age. He played video games and watched adventure movies. This trend continued until his early-twenties when he switched his major to film and media.

After graduating, Zac decided that a Masters of Design may make him more qualified to get employed. He took some digital photos, mapped some paint splashes, lighting, 3D models with a bunch of editing, and created a flip-book of a space battle as his university entrance portfolio.

He ended up an ok designer and compositor, did some bigger clients, started freelance art directing, and coordinated visual communication and design courses for RMIT University. He also took some occasional photos of what people were wearing in the street traveling around Japan and South East Asia each year.

After posting them for friends in late 2009 he got a message asking to shoot for her newly launched fashion magazine. She flaked. Months later she called for a meeting and asked for the cover and feature editorial. Immediately he finished out his teaching and client work, moved to Sydney, and filled his time and paid his rent with fashion photography. Zac was picked up by a New York-based agency after a few years and he has based himself there since.

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