OCEANIA ISSUE 745 Mar 2019

Amanda Aitken Photography Auckland photographers

At 14 years old, Amanda Aitken was working in the photo lab printing and hobby shooting in the days of film. After eight years' ensuring other photographers' prints were perfect, Amanda moved to London and began her career as a professional photographer. Her role as head photographer had her in charge of a large team and responsible for looking after high profile clients for a marketing firm.

Fast-forward to today, Amanda is back home in New Zealand living her dream shooting architecture, interiors and a range of advertising work - including industrial, corporate and lifestyle.

Video is a service that Amanda and her assistant, Theresa, work together on to create productions of any size. If a larger-scale production is needed, a close network of specialised producers, directors, etc., are co-ordinated depending on the client's needs.

Amanda’s warm personality and calm manner compliment the efficiency and professionalism of her work. Whether in collaboration or on her own accord, she is focused on detail, perfection and achieving a result that is unsurpassed.

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