OCEANIA ISSUE 745 Mar 2019

Julie Renouf Sydney Food & Drink Photographers and Directors

Julie Renouf is a food photographer and film-maker who is passionate about creating beautiful and engaging visual stories. With 20+ years’ experience, her photography has featured in over 100 cookbooks.

Julie’s work also spans a wide range of advertising campaigns and branded digital films, with clients ranging from corporate to boutique, such as Kellogg’s, Aldi, James Boag, Latina Pasta, Don Smallgoods, Pie Face and Rosella, to name a few.

Julie’s photography style is relaxed and natural - she has a passion for capturing the ever-changing nuances of daylight, helping bring more depth and character to her subjects. Her films employ a similar aesthetic, but utilise movement and high energy to provide additional information about brands and instantly engage viewers.

On set, Julie loves working closely with clients - she believes collaboration, a positive attitude and a shared enthusiasm for evocative visuals is the most effective way to create beautiful, authentic stories worth sharing with the world.

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