OCEANIA ISSUE 822 Nov 2020

Chris Searl Sydney advertising photographers & directors

Photographer Chris Searl’s biggest strength is in creating  imagery that look effortless and real.

Shooting both motion and stills allows Chris to create cohesive campaigns with the same natural style. The imagery is never 'fake’ or 'over-produced’, his signature style is real advertising imagery that is relatable and yet at the same time aspirational.  With many 'creative direction' credits as well Chris is a perfect choice to lead a campaign shoot on set when agency and client are unable to attend due to travel / Covid restrictions. His genuinely collaborative nature makes the shooting process a pleasure and his preference for small crew size makes Covid-compliancy a no brainer. During this challenging year we have shot for several US brands using Qtake and Zoom for a completely inclusive experience including pharma brand Dupixient and Michelob.

Chris has shot global motion and stills campaigns for Corona, Levi’s and Qantas. He has worked with Coke, Apple, Samsung, Virgin, Wrangler, Lee Jeans, Telstra, Budweiser, Coruba, PepsiAdidas and many others. When he is not on the road shooting he can be found chasing around his two kids at home in the northern beaches of Sydney.

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