OCEANIA ISSUE 907 Feb 2023

Maxine Lock Sydney Food, Beverages and Still Life Photographers

Maxine Lock's specialities as a photographer are in the fields of food, beverage/liquids, and lifestyle photography with a focus towards watches and jewellery products. 

She has a passion for creating beautiful food scenes that capture the essence of the food through styling and composition, as well as a great love for capturing liquid splashes by playing with liquids and experimenting with different ways of photographing this movement in her photographs.

Maxine also has an immense interest in product photography, and loves taking on challenging objects such as watches and jewellery, which are one of her specialties when it comes to photography.

When she isn’t behind the camera capturing amazing visuals, she loves to ski, travel, scuba dive and take on new exciting adventures. With her enthusiasm for creating visually stunning content, you can trust that your projects will be handled with precision and care.

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