PARIS ISSUE 533 May 2015

Arnaud Février Paris photographers

Arnaud Fevrier is a French photographer based in Paris. He began freelancing in 1993, working in Lisbon, Beirut and Riga and had his images published in Geo and Gallimard city guides. Between 1990-97, he shot concerts for Jean Michel Jarre, and collaborated with the Imapress agency until 1998 through a number of reports highlighting the humanitarian disasters in Gaza and Iraq.

His work was published in a variety of newspapers before he turned more towards portraiture, joining the team at the MPA agency where he stayed until 2004. In parallel with his press assignments, Arnaud developed a strong relationship with communications agencies to produce reports highlighting the men and women who make up today's societies. Attempting to reveal people's privacy, he photographs refined portraits, yet remains fascinated by the world of industry, transport and energy; for Arnaud, models have been replaced by planes, trains and boats.

Attracted by the moving image, he made his first video reports for Alstom Transport who entrusted him with the production of a film on a new high-speed train for Poland in 2014. Arnaud is a member of the collective Bloomartists which includes photographers, retouchers and make-up artists from across Europe.

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