PRAGUE ISSUE 312 Nov 2011

Young & Rubicam Praha Prague creativity

Name of ad: Coleman - series of three: Indian; Crocodile; Lion. Client: Coleman. Product: Aqua’Walk™ X15 Hydration Pack.

"The concept is based on the insight that hydration is an essential part of survival, yet many outdoor water sources can cost you your life. The dangerously occupied bodies of water communicate that no matter where you go, the Coleman RTX Hydration Pack is a safe water source that belongs to you alone."

Name of ad: Museum of Communism - series of three: Escaping Through Wall; Escaping Through River; Escaping Through Fence. Client: Museum of Communism.

"Most people who lived under communism never want to see it again. However, many tourists who visit former communist countries find their history intriguing as, due to the isolationism of many communist regimes, they've never seen more than pictures on TV."

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