PRAGUE ISSUE 469 May 2014

Digital Capture Prague Prague equipment rent

"Managing digital files while you shoot is an important part of the photography process. Whether working on location or in a studio, you need to keep up with the shoot by downloading digital files as you go. This is where we come in.

Our designated professionals are fully familiar with imaging software and your camera's operating software. Our Digital Operator will download memory cards from the camera into the laptop, organise them into folders by shot name and make sure the images are ready for you, the Photographer, to review when there is a break in the shoot.

If you shoot with the camera tethered to a computer, our Digital Tech will set this up for you and then be at the computer watching the files as they load, alerting you to anything that might not be right: is the exposure consistent, are the expressions good?

You will also find quick Photoshop layouts and treatments useful in presenting your post-production vision to the agency and the client. Moreover, our Digital Operator always carries back-up equipment for your shoot, just in case.

Digital Capture Prague is here to be your right hand and to give thorough support. Simply, to be the technical side of your creative process."

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