Amanda Hibbert San Francisco photographers

Amanda Hibbert is a still life editorial food and product photographer living in San Francisco. Her unique combination of technical expertise and creative vision provides an exceptional experience. A true collaborator, Amanda creates a successful partnerships with her clients to express their visual aesthetic through photography.

Growing up in many places as a daughter of a Marine and a midwife, Amanda calls home anywhere she finds herself among family and friends. Like many, she wanted to become a National Geographic photographer. However, having no idea how to pursue a photography career, she decided to study Aerospace Engineering at Virginia Tech.

After graduating Amanda worked as Satellite Propulsion Engineer. Eventually it became obvious that photography was where her passion lay, and with the support of her best friend and husband, she began her photography career after moving to San Francisco.

Her interest in space and exploration are now represented through enjoyment of science fiction, while the engineer critical thinking mind is ever present. She believes photography is problem solving with light and creativity and that the best solution for any creative problem is the one that fits her clients' needs while creating interesting and engaging content.

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