Invy Ng Singapore photographers

Invy Ng graduated from RMIT with various distinctions and accolades in gold- and silver-smithing. Actively participating in fine arts exhibitions in Australia and Singapore, his work has drawn praise for its critical and forward-thinking representation. Refusing to rest on his laurels, Invy yearned to seek a more expansive dimension of creative art.

Invy's inherent sense of beauty and exceptionally keen eye for detail has drawn him to photography for its inexhaustible visual expression. With a background in fine arts, he creates a unique style in his body of work. He engages and provokes audiences with his work, bringing them to realise the subtle surrealism in his pictures. Meticulous and demanding in his quest for perfection, Invy challenges the visual boundaries, aided by a strong grasp of digital imaging.

Since joining Shooting Gallery Asia in 2008, Invy has exploited his potential to clinch two prestigious awards: 'Professional Photographer of the Year' in the Singapore Advertising Hall of Fame Awards 2009, and one of the select '200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide 2010/2011' accolades in Lürzer's Archive Magazine.

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