SPAIN ISSUE 129 Sep 2008

Addict Studios Madrid equipment rent

Addict studios offers 500 sq m of studio facilities including natural light, cyclorama, 100 KW power, 5-7m height, 25m shooting range, car entrance, free parking at the door, rest and meeting areas, a fully equipped independent make-up and stylist area, air conditioning, water shooting facilities, catering service, a fully equipped kitchen and free breakfast, experienced crew, free 12MB WiFi and an i Mac G5.

Latest projects include:

Vogue UK - Swarovski with Eugenio Recuenco, Neo 2 with Rafa Gallar and Paco Peregrin, Ayuntamiento de Madrid 'Ahorro de Energia' campaign ad with Jesús Alonso, Chanel with Jesús Alonso, Loewe  'I Loewe You' with Kristina G. Fender, Mini (editorial Planeta), Chrysler with Contrapunto ad agency, Nike with Ale Burset, KPMG event, Rolling Stone Magazine with Sergi Margalef, Salerm Cosmetica with Juan luis Real, AMV Insurance with Jorge de Bobadilla, Arte de Vivir magazine with Jesús Alonso, Cespa campaign with Kristina G. Fender, Indasec campaign with Diego Dominguez, Max Factor campaign with Nuria Taboada, and GQ Romania with Jesús Alonso.

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