SPAIN ISSUE 137 Nov 2008

RCR Films Barcelona film production companies

RCR Films has recently been extremely busy working on a variety of projects:

  • Sergi Capellas: Eminflex, filmed in Malaysia, and Ferrero Rocher.
  • Daniel Benmayor: Adidas, filmed in Ukraine, Repsol and Schweppes, with Hugh Laurie (Dr. House).
  • Lluís Freixa: BBVA Football League.
  • Ene: Samsung, HBO and the Basque Government.
  • Augusto de Fraga: Mercedes-Benz and Sony PlayStation.
  • Xavi Rosselló: La Marató de TV3.
  • Ota: Sony PlayStation, EITB and Leroy Merlin.
  • Nika: Scottish Leader.

R Entertainment, the company's new business area dedicated to multimedia productions (micro-sites, viral, advergames, entertainment content, etc.) recently produced:

  • 'Smoothies' for Sunny Delight.
  • 'Andres' deposit for BankInter.
  • Nike 'Junior Tour' for Barcelona Total Tennis.
  • 'Endesa Educa' for Endesa.
  • 'Capullos' for International Women's Day.
  • 'Cabra' for Scouts.

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