SPAIN ISSUE 178 Sep 2009

Addict Studios Madrid photography

Addict studios invites clients to enjoy 500 m² of studio workspace. Facilities include natural light, two faces cove, 100 KW power, 5-7m ceiling height, 25m shooting range, car entrance, free parking at the door, rest and meeting areas, a fully equipped independent make-up and stylist area, air conditioning, water shooting facilities, catering service, a fully equipped kitchen and free breakfast, an experienced crew, free 12MB Wi-Fi and an iMac G5. Equipment rental includes Profoto, Arri, Kinoflo and digital equipment from Hasselblad (H3DII 31/39), PhaseOne (P45 plus), and Canon (Mk II, Mk III and 5D Mk II).

Recent work includes:

  • Castrol campaign by Gary Prior with Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid).
  • Chanel promo-advertising by Rafa Gallar.
  • Nike campaign by Diver & Aguilar with FC Barcelona.
  • Ursa campaign by Jesús Alonso.
  • Cortefiel campaign by José Luis Tabueña.
  • Man Magazine by Jesús Alonso.

Special collaborations with Eugenio Recuenco, Rankin, Ale Burset, Rafa Gallar, Txema Yeste, Gonzalo Puertas, Gonzalo Machado, Diver & Aguilar and Kristina G. Fender.

Visit the website for more information about equipment, rates and special offers.

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