SPAIN ISSUE 257 Feb 2011

Dolce Vita Productions Barcelona photo production

Dolce Vita's winter is shaping up to be extremely busy between the Canaries and Argentina.

Latest productions include:

  • New Yorker with Sam Bisso and Esther Haase in Tenerife.
  • Otto with Oliver Kühl, Roger Weber and Hendrik Nenneke in Gran Canaria.
  • Otto with Michael Goldenbaum in Barcelona.
  • Venca with Joan Carles Ponsa in Ibiza.
  • Venca with Olivier Ribardiere in Barcelona.
  • Bonobo with Henry Roy in Buenos Aires.

The season in the Canaries lasts all year long with permanently mild temperatures, while Argentina is ideal until April just before the winter starts. Contact the Barcelona office for more information.

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