SPAIN ISSUE 268 Mar 2011

Top Studios Barcelona equipment rent

Top Studios offers a variety of five studios to suit photographic, film and special events needs. The studios are equipped with lighting material for professional photography, including runway lighting and film sets. The company recently expanded its range to include the latest generation Broncolor, Hensel and Profoto equipment.

Latest clients include:

  • Kettal shot by Wai Lin Tse. Production: Cla-se.
  • Comodynes shot by J. Miller. Production: Magna Productions.
  • Tous shot by D. Riera. Production: Bamboo.
  • Veneno en la piel shot by S. Jasanada. Production: E. Ibañez.
  • Signal TV spot. Production: Smile Media.
  • Revlon 'Style Masters' shot by D. Raccuglia. Production: Magna Productions.
  • Nike 'Unfair' shot by Frederike Helwig. Production: Twenty Four Seven.
  • Rosa Clará 'Aire', 'Alma' and 'Two' shot by M. Outumuro.
  • Elianna Moore shot by T. Mateu. Production: Gemma Formoso.
  • Santa Eulalia shot by Gregori Civera.

Editorials include: El Pais Semanal 'Deconstrucción' shot by M.Outumuro; La Vanguardia shot by S. Jasanada; NOX Magazine Focus Ed. shot by S. Jasanada; and Novias de España shot by S. Jasanada.

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