SPAIN ISSUE 858 Sep 2021


Belgian-born living in the South of Spain, Sebastien holds a very large international experience in editorial, lifestyle and commercial car photography.

He delivers high quality content for product communications, brochures and advertising campaigns serving car manufactures and advertising agencies.

With an extensive media background, he is very comfortable managing multilingual on site support for motoring events, press and social media launches.

2019 Car and Landscape Spotlight Award winner, he integrates video footage, CGI, studio and backplates techniques in his work to make your projects come to life in the most friendly and professional manner.

Sebastien has worked for Porsche, Renault, Cupra, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan and McLaren.

Sebastienʼs work is represented by Vertical Reps in the USA, Plugged Production in the Middle East and Valentina's Factory in Spain.

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