SWEDEN ISSUE 462 Apr 2014

Sven Prim Stockholm photographers

Sven Prim got his first advertising job whilst still at photography school. After graduation he landed a deal with Agent Molly Co, moved to Stockholm, and started working as a full-time photographer. He has since collaborated with a long list of renowned clients such as ATG, Aftonbladet, RFSU and Polar Music Prize.

Sven describes himself as a real technology geek, who loves to create strange and surreal situations. He is equally skilled both as a photographer and a retoucher and discovered early on the fantastic opportunity that post-production can present for creating an extra dimension in his images.

"Many people think that a photograph's truth is compromised in post," says Sven, "but the concept of truth is completely subjective. I believe that a picture is always manipulated, regardless of how it is taken. When the photographer selects the time and place to snap a picture, the truth is already being bent. I am very up-front about how my pictures are created."

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