VIENNA ISSUE 374 Nov 2012

Christian Stangl Vienna photographers

The Complex - Impressions of the Orf-Centre is the latest exhibition from Christian Stangl on display at Cafe & Galerie Kandinsky until 30th November.

The Roland Rainer building at the Vienna Küniglberg is not only a unique architectural structure but also the heart of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation and a piece of history from the Second Republic.

Christian has a special relationship with this building. Working for more than 16 years as a motion designer, he knew only small parts of this massive structure. At night he would go on reconnaissance trips with his camera in-search of excitement in the corridors, yards and cellars.

For Christian, the Complex appears as a huge spaceship. The 'crew' consists of thousands of people who manoeuvre day and night through the impasses of the busy 24/7 media business.

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