ZURICH ISSUE 349 Jun 2012

KT Produktion Zurich photography

KT Produktion GmbH is a full service production company based in Zurich. Working across Switzerland as well as worldwide, recent productions took place in stunning locations including:

  • The Swiss Alps on a 3,883m glacier in the summer snow.
  • On windy mountain roads in Grison and other Cantons.
  • On the steep slopes of Swiss ski resorts.
  • On high alpine mountain ridges.
  • In the streets of Zurich and other cities.
  • In mountain chalets in the French Alps.
  • On sail boats in Spain with members of the Spanish Olympic sailing team.
  • Victorinox at JFK Airport in New York City.
  • On the streets of the Big Apple.
  • On-board W-class 76’ twin sailing boats in Newport, RI.
  • On lakes and beside waterfalls in New England.
  • In the fluffy snow of Aspen, CO.
  • On the picturesque island of Martha’s Vineyard.

The company is looking forward to more inspiring ideas that it can turn into smooth and exciting productions.

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