ZURICH ISSUE 415 Jun 2013

Fig.1 - Room for photography Zurich Rental studio & art events

Fig.1 — an open space for conversations, dialogues and exhibitions to showcase the debate of contemporary photography. Fig.1 provides a range of creative services to support photographers in the development of artistic and commercial photography projects.

Fig.1 Studio — A rental studio with production services to accomplish artistic and commercial photography projects.

Fig.1 Equipment — An equipment service for photography productions. Fig.1 is an official Profoto and Phase One studio.

Fig.1 Lunch — A monthly luncheon for photographers and photography interests to exchange experiences and ideas on contemporary photography.

Fig.1 Conversations — A series of talks on contemporary photography with photographers, artists, editors and curators.

Fig.1 Creative — Creative Services for photographers ranging from reviewing and curating portfolios, editorial design, book publishing, installation and exhibition design and web-based projects to support photographers, collectives as well as institutions promoting contemporary photography.

For studio rental, creative services enquiries, a visit to the studio for a cup of coffee or to join the montly luncheon, please call + 41 44 440 41 43 or send an email.

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