Hamburg - Berlin

bigshrimp was founded in 1998 and has become one of the leading full service production agencies in Germany. WIth its own location, talents database and a steadly growing network, bigshrimp guarantees the highest level of excellence and satisfaction.

bigshrimp services are operated out of Hamburg and Berlin and include full photo production services, location assistance and management (including a large in-house location database with numerous locations across northern Germany, primarily Berlin and Hamburg), model booking (large internal talent pool including over 1,500 talents of all types of people, faces, pro's, seniors, principals and extras), photo and video casting, budget management and crew coordination.

Recent projects include TAKKO with Marina Kloess and agency Aimaq von Lobenstein, Intuniv with Kerry Harrison c/o Lisa Pritchard Agency and agency McCann, BAYER with Tim Wendrich, and Ernstings Family with Sven Jacobsen and agency wunderhaus, Munich.