Stefania Paparelli was born in Rome. After graduating high school and experience travelling and working throughout Europe, first in the UK and afterwards in France, she is now based in Sardinia, commuting between Sardinia and Paris.

Stefania works worldwide for magazines such as Crash, Elle (France), Elle (Italy), Glamour (France), Glamour (Italy), Elle Australia, Harper’s Bazaar (Russia), Jalouse, La Repubblica delle Donne, Le Figaro (Japan), Le Nouvelle Observateur, L’Officiel and The Sunday Times.

She made her debut exhibition 'Intimo', edited by Flavio Nervegna, in 2002. In 2005 she took part in the important Milanese collective exhibition 'Lo Sguardo Italiano - fotografie di moda dal 1951 ad oggi', edited by Francesco Bonami, Giusi Ferré, Maria Luisa Frisa, Mario Lupano, Claudio Marra and Anna Mattirolo at la Rotonda della Besana.

In 2006, Stefania also took part in the collective '9x100: Nove Fotografi per Cento Fotografie' organised by Maria Evangelisti for the gallery Santa Cecilia during the fifth edition of Fotografia.