"99 Productions have been providing their high-quality production services to the creative industry since 2009.

We believe the key to a great production is adaptability; finding the perfect solutions for each and every job. We don't have talent on our books that we are locked into using. We have freedom of choice, with an evolving network of impressive creative talent that we expertly curate.

Being adaptable means we match the right people to the right job and deliver on budget and on time. Not all briefs are created equal, but we always provide a winning solution.

Our team of experienced producers understands both sides of a project from the client's needs to how our collaborators achieve their best work. We don't believe there is a singular approach to a problem. We know how to assess a campaign from all angles, taking it from just a twinkle in your creative's eye to the glorious finished product. 

Based in Melbourne, we offer our shoot production services throughout Australia."