For Felix the amazing thing about photography is to capture the magic of a moment and make it last. “I love these moments! It’s challenging and exciting at the same time, to create situations on set, that give room for this experience,” he says. When looking at his work you’ll recognise a modern, timeless, cool, and chic style, always combined with his sensitive and empathic view on everybody in front of his camera.

Felix loves to communicate with people. His deep understanding of clients’ ideas, wishes and their brand neeeds is extraordinary. To get in touch with the moods of models, his team and clients is his basis for an atmosphere of trust and energy that he wishes to have on set to create and realise his ideas.

Based in his studio in Dusseldorf, Felix is very experienced in working locally and all around the world for international clients in fashion, catalogue and lifestyle. His network stretches out over the Caribbean, US, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

He understands himself as an artist and craftsman at the same time: he is a creative perfectionist, who loves to prepare to the max, and then go with the flow during the shoot.