Stuttgart and Lisbon-based production company Hamilton R. Pereira was lucky to fill the second half of 2020 with interesting projects, after an uncertain beginning.

With German clients looking more into staying in the country, the demand for local and safe locations was big.

The adaptation for Covid-19 set protocols, professional anti-Corona desinfection services available and a certificate as a 'Corona Counselor' for photo, film and TV sets by the German institute DEKRA, have helped keep jobs running safely.

Lisbon was also back on in the summer, with governmental approval for professional photo and film productions. Until the present day, that shooting approval is still valid.

Recent jobs include:

  • ZARA Kids campaign, photographed in the Black Forrest
  • AOK Baden Württemberg, photographed in and around Stuttgart
  • Weleda Baby, photographed close to Stuttgart
  • Mercedes Benz 25 years Sprinter, filmed close to Stuttgart
  • SUSA Dessous, photographed in Stuttgart.