Julia Bostock currently divides her time between London and Suffolk, where she has a studio. Having grown up surrounded by art and photography, and having completed a BA in graphic design, Julia made a career in art direction and graphic design. The involvement she had on every side of a shoot later gave her photography a unique creativity and a natural ability to story tell.

She loves directing videos and small films to add another dimension to her photography. Julia’s energetic and fresh style gives her an ability to sidestep the conventional, whether working with well-known brands or her own reportage. Julia's playful vision and irreverent approach drew her naturally to work with children and she quickly carved a name for herself in children's fashion.

She brings this same energy into her photographs of subjects of all ages, and effortlessly brings out the child from within. She puts her subjects at ease and loves to get to the core of the subjects' spirit and to tell their story through her pictures. She is known for creating a unique blend of fashion and reportage in her work. Her images reflect the curious imagination and spontaneity of children and create worlds in which they appear both captivated and natural.

Her international vision, European connections and love for travel have defined her work and forged strong working relationships with clients like Vogue Bambini, Adidas and Nestle. She is passionate about her work and is always looking forward to new challenges.