Barbara Wrigley McDevitt is a Florida-based photographer with more than a dozen years of experience behind the camera. Shooting with a medium format camera, she has a keen eye for detail and brings her expertise to the food, beverage and culinary lifestyle areas.

She is deliberate and focused on her presentation of the narrative of your food story. A sense of story weaves throughout Wrigley McDevitt’s work and her years of experience together with a combination of skill, knowledge and technical ability allow her to problem solve whatever surprise is thrown at her on set.

Wrigley McDevitt is currently embarking on a culinary and architectural photo shoot for Angelina’s Ristorante, an upscale, fine-dining establishment, located in Bonita Springs, Florida, having just completed a photo shoot at The Intercontinental Hotel in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Wrigley McDevitt travels between her studio and remote locations and would love to collaborate with you on your next project to make people hungry. She also offers client participation via Capture One Live. You can share, view, comment, rate, tag and provide real-time feedback all from your own location while Wrigley McDevitt shoots in her studio. No uploading, exporting or downloading a single photo: convenient and easy.