Steve Buchanan

Baltimore - Atlanta - New York

At the tender age of 14, as Steve Buchanan diligently stocked shelves at a local 7-Eleven, a serendipitous encounter forever altered the course of his life. While meticulously arranging products on the shelves, he came across a roll of Kodak film, and the words imprinted on the label beckoned to him: "Take this film to your Kodak processor or develop it yourself using Kodak chemistry." This seemingly mundane moment sparked a fervor within him.

Throughout the years, Steve has artfully turned his camera lens towards an eclectic array of subjects. From ancient mummies to machine guns, and from cherished landmarks to unforgettable escapades (like that memorable incident in the heart of a blast freezer), Steve's quest for innovative approaches to capture his subjects has been an enduring and impassioned pursuit.