With over 25 years of expertise, THE SCOPE is a globally recognised name in full CG work. Through CGI, they empower clients to transcend traditional constraints, unlocking limitless creative possibilities.

Their flagship creation, THE SCOPE CITY, provides a boundless virtual urban environment for automotive shoots. This customisable landscape mirrors real cities, granting car manufacturers unprecedented control for visual storytelling.

In recent collaborations with Pininfarina and Chevrolet, THE SCOPE CITY reveals its darker side. It showcases the electrifying visuals of Chevrolet's Camaro, pulsating with nocturnal energy. And for Pininfarina’s project THE SCOPE’s computer generated metropolis transforms in none other than Gotham City.

Next to the bespoke projects THE SCOPE presents SMART FOOTAGE - photorealistic, full CGI, ready-to-shoot environments as a plug & play solution for programmatic productions.

With a vast library of locations, it streamlines production, delivering feature-film quality in record time. Clients retain control, ensuring every frame meets expectations. SMART FOOTAGE adapts to market demands economically and sustainably, revolutionising production.