JJ Studios, established in 1987, boasts nine dynamic daylight studios spanning 25,000 sq ft in Shoreditch, London. Situated at the heart of creative endeavors, it offers a comprehensive hub for diverse projects.

Housed within two historic edifices in east London, JJ Studios showcases a varied array of studio and event spaces. Each space is meticulously modernised with opulent interior designs and outfitted with top-tier amenities, ensuring versatility to meet all production demands.

From a daylight/blackout cyclorama studio to a chic penthouse loft, the studios cater to diverse aesthetic preferences. Their dedicated services, including in-house set build and production assistance, coupled with cutting-edge lighting facilities, guarantee unparalleled support.

Catering to esteemed clientele from Vogue to the BBC, and hosting events for Meta and TikTok, JJ Studios remains a trailblazer in London's creative landscape. Thy eagerly welcome inquiries from productions of any scale.

Explore the studios' brand-new website for comprehensive details on site specifications, studio offerings, rates, and more. Contact the team today to elevate your creative vision.