Nestled in the vibrant core of Manhattan, Paul O. Colliton Studio stands out as an exceptional penthouse venue. Photographers are drawn to its allure, captivated by the panorama offered by its five distinct rooftop vistas showcasing the city in its full 360° splendor.

Step inside to discover 1500 square feet of versatile space adorned with lofty nine-foot ceilings and expansive windows casting sunlight from the southern and western horizons. For those seeking unconventional backdrops, the studio offers a diverse array of settings including a water tank room, an elevator motor chamber, a discreet back staircase, and a charming balcony complete with an ornate wrought iron railing.

Equipped to meet every photographic need, the studio boasts an extensive collection of backdrops complemented by essential grip equipment. Additional amenities comprise a spacious bathroom with shower facilities, seamless WiFi connectivity, and a dedicated client computer station, ensuring a seamless and professional workflow for every shoot.