WAAT Studio, nestled in Porto, is a coveted rental space now marking its seventh year. Over this time, it has nurtured countless creative minds: photographers, videographers, designers, producers, brands, and startups alike. Notably, it has hosted events featuring renowned brands such as Aputure, Canon, Sony, and Profoto for product showcases and demonstrations.

Its versatile space offers both daylight and blackout settings, boasting a 60 square meter cyclorama alongside various styled shoot areas. Additionally, WAAT provides cutting-edge photo and lighting equipment for rent, suitable for in-house or on-location shoots.

Collaborating with local partners, WAAT extends its services to encompass professional photography, video production, equipment rental, digital services, and styling solutions—truly a comprehensive hub for all production needs.

This studio has been the creative home for numerous national and international brands, including Latitid, Lemon Jelly, Lemonade Collective, Lion of Porches, Mango, and many more.

"We strive to offer optimal solutions to our clients and partners throughout their creative journey, meeting even their most demanding challenges."