"Though not a sneakerhead or collector, I've always enjoyed capturing footwear. I've shot photos for Nike, Adidas, K-Swiss, Prince Tennis, Airwalk, Vision Street Wear, Vans, and more. I love shooting these lifestyle campaigns because they require a unique approach to creativity. You have to think from the shoe's perspective and ultimately give it its personality! Shooting at ground level, I establish a connection between the shoe, wearer, and environment, weaving stories that resonate with the objective.

My distinctive approach has led me to collaborate with industry giants like K-Swiss and Adidas, translating their brand essence into dynamic visual tales. Each shoot presents a challenge: distilling a sneaker's essence, design, and cultural significance into a single frame. It's more than product photography; it's about capturing a lifestyle, a movement, an energy.

Every angle tells a different story, evoking diverse emotions and making each shoot an adventure in storytelling. My goal is to showcase the footwear and evoke the sensations of wearing it, creating images that resonate deeply with viewers, ultimately supporting the marketing initiative to buy."